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TCT (TEEM Compliance Technology) Caregiving helps seniors stay in their homes and sustain the highest quality of life prior to death without going to a nursing home or being an unwanted burden on the family. 

"May you continue your journey with Grace and Peace."

About TCT Caregiving

About Us

TCT Caregiving is a compliance company. We observe and report medication adherence and end of life planning. We created and pioneered systems 7 years ago, to ensure patient's follow every doctor's order - from the time they leave their office visit or hospital until the time they return. Without our processes this level of compliance would not be possible. TCT Caregiving through a Compliance team picked by the principal patient, family and loved ones, ensures all doctors' orders and recommendations are diligently followed.

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Compliance Team

TCT Caregiving through a Compliance Team picked by the principal patient, family and loved ones, ensures all doctors' orders and recommendations are diligently followed.

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TCT Caregiving, upon intake inspects the patient's current living conditions to verify there are no hazards in the home. This reinstates that nothing in the home will interfere with patients complying with doctor's orders and recommendations.

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TCT Caregiving also looks at every aspect of the patient's well-being, lifestyle and station in life. This is to ensure that there is no conflict with doctors' orders and recommendations - including hazards in home, bad eating habits, taking medications unsupervised and mental well-being. All of this is done by observation and reporting - back to the Compliance Team and doctors.

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Voluntary Enrollment

TCT Caregiving is a voluntary enrollment of the patient and their Compliance Team of choice. TCT Caregiving is not for everyone, especially those who lack the desire and will power to improve their habits and lifestyle. Please note, a patient can be asked to leave the program if they or their Compliance Team are not in compliance with doctors' orders and recommendations.

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TCT Caregiving

Guidelines & How it Works 

Step 1

During intake a baseline of the patient's Compliance Status is established - through a proprietary combination of key factors including lifestyle, habits and overall well-being.

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Step 2

First evaluation is performed at 90 days. At that time if the patient's Compliance Status has digressed significantly the patient will be given a 1st notice of non-compliance.

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Step 3

Second evaluation is performed at 120 days. If at that time Compliance Status has still not improved the patient will be given a 2nd notice of non-compliance.

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Step 4

Third evaluation is performed at 180 days. If at that time Compliance Status has not improved, then the patient will receive a final notice of non-compliance for failure to adapt to the program and a letter of termination.

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Step 5

TCT Caregiving is a Team effort - including the principal patient, family & loved ones and all healthcare providers. Everyone works together to observe and report on the behalf of the principal patient. This verifies that everyone is on the same page, medications are being taken properly, eating habits are under control and no home hazards exist. We strongly believe that this ethos builds rapport amongst everyone involved. Integrity and trust in our compliance program is paramount.

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Step 6

TCT Caregiving is voluntary. We are here to ensure through observation and reporting that the patients' quality of life improve through enhanced compliance. At such time we see that the principal patient is not participating or willingly attempting to improve their compliance status, we will invoke the guidelines and ask the patient to leave the program.

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Step 7

The phases of life as we see it are "once an adult and twice a child".  Our goal at TCT Caregiving is to help the principal patient navigate through the journey of their second "childhood" phase with the utmost dignity, honor and peace of mind.

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Step 8

You can't choose when you die, but you can choose how you get there. We help patients sustain the highest quality of life prior to death without going to a nursing home or being an unwanted burden on the family.

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Services We Offer:

TCT Compliance

Subscription Plan


With the Subscription Plan you get:

  1. Monthly How to Information on Compliance, Medication

adherence, Doctors visits, Team Building

  1. Monthly Information for your specific illness

  2. Access to 3D models of your Specific illness

  3. Quarterly Magazine

    (healthy living, recipes and more)

Medication Adherence

Subscription Plan for as low as


The first-of-its kind groundbreaking solution for seniors who have difficulty remembering to take their medications. Includes Daily automated reminders – to ensure you take all of your medications every day as prescribed. Also provides Monthly summaries - highlighting your medication adherence history and compliance efforts.

Phone Subscription

Scheduled weekly 30 min calls with our compliance experts to discuss your individual needs and create a personalized care plan and receive regular updates on compliance management strategies and insights

Phone Consultation

Schedule a one-on-one 1 hour phone consultation with our compliance experts to discuss your individual needs and create a personalized care plan.

In-Home Evaluation


Receive a comprehensive in-home assessment of your living environment to identify and address potential hazards that may impact your ability to comply with your healthcare plan.

Health and Wealth

Annuity Program

Our Health and Wealth Annuity Program uniquely blends financial security with comprehensive health and wellness benefits. It ensures a guaranteed income stream for your retirement and offers resources to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

President Package

Completely customized one-off services - tailored to provide impeccable levels of compliance to exclusive patients.

Platinum Plan

Receive our most comprehensive compliance management service, with hour-to-hour observation and support, ensuring you stay fully committed to your healthcare plan.

Gold Plan

Opt for a more advanced monitoring solution, which includes camera surveillance and daily observation, to ensure you receive the highest level of support and accountability.

Silver Plan

Benefit from ongoing monitoring and evaluation of your progress, ensuring you remain on track with your healthcare plan and receive timely feedback on any areas of concern.

Why Choose Us

Seniors should choose TCT Caregiving for several reasons. We are the first and foremost Caregiving company that combines team building, compliance and cutting-edge technology to ensure that seniors always maintain their honor and dignity while aging gracefully in their homes, with a mission of never ending up in a nursing home nor being an unwanted burden on the family.


Empowerment and Independence


Enhanced Communication & Collaboration


Support for Families & Loved Ones


Improved Health Outcomes

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